September glories 7

linnea2(z5 NY)September 16, 2006

A path leads up to this hill. Mostly foliage now (love it!),

self-sown red Perilla, Miscanthus (?) 'Cosmopolitan', some Cannas and a Mum.

The ball with wings turns on windy days.

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kal2769(Zone 8)

Very nice picture.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

isn't perilla just the greatest thing since sliced bread?!
while some may call it invasive, i say anything that easy to pull out does not qualify as a true invasive for me!
along that line, do you adore tovara- the simple one w/ the maroon chevron?

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Thanks Kal2769!
Mindy, yes on the Perilla. I transplanted seedlings all over the place
for all the reasons you mentioned. I won't mind thinning those
at all!
I'm happy to see they're seeding now. Apparently Perilla seed has to be fresh
or it won't germinate?

I plant any purple/burgundy foliage plant that deer and rabbits leave alone.
Cotinus Coggygria is another big favorite, love the size adaptability of that one.
Also Weigela 'Wine and Roses', Husker's red Penstemon and Cannas.
Sambucus Nigra and sand cherries are out, for me, but that's fine, I'm happy with
the ones that work!

Didn't know tovara, kind of looks like a Persicaria on google, another knotweed,
Polygonum huh? I have billions of volunteers, with chevron, but very faint,
they seem to love it here.
In some places I leave the small knotweeds, they're so..medieval..

I used to grow Persicaria 'Red dragon', but it's a late riser for such a big plant.
This year I actually planted a Houyttynia (sp?) 'Chameleon' way out in a mowed
area with some Gooseneck Loosestrife, I'll watch them duke it out.

Any other great foliage plants I should know about?

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

cryptotaenia. fabulous low trefoil purple leaf perennial- a jap herb, but it is "WORSE" than perilla for self seeding!!!! though it is v.easy to pull out. i use it as an edger- a swath of it and then a swath of stachys- aurea or flowerless silver one. i'm sure you already do the ligularias and macleaya and crambe..

p.s. have you not been rcvg my posts to you via your member page?


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