New Categories for the Garden Photo Galleries

felix-sscSeptember 19, 2010

We all take pride in our gardens and like to share our experience with others. This includes our photographs as an important part of it. You have probably realized that the current category list of the Garden Photo galleries has been insufficient, slow to improve, and expand, in spite of your clicking on the "Make a Suggestion" box and sending your ideas, which seems to remain hoovering, unread and unanswered, somewhere in the virtual world.

If you wish your voice to be heard, and changes made, the Forum seems to be utilized as well. So, why don't we record our our Garden Photo Gallery ideas and experiences right here, alongside with forwarding our "Make a Suggestion" messages, before the Garden Galleries due to our own inactivity. I will start first:


NEW CATEGORIES for the Garden Photo Galleries:

* Bonsai Bonanza

* Eco-friendly & Organic Gardening

* Fantastic Fruit

* Garden Decor and Design

* Hanging Baskets and Planters

* Herb and Kitchen Gardens

* Houseplants and Indoor Gardens

* Rock Gardens

* Shrubs and Trees

* Water Gardens


ELIMINATE the following category from the Photo Galleries:

* Garden Junk

It is either inappropriate (if referring to real junk) or a misnomer (if referring to garden decorations)!


Current Garden Photo Galleries IMPROVEMENTS:

* Canning

(The title should include also something like a Food Preservation, Harvesting ....)

* Growing Tomatoes

* Hot Peppers

(These two should be collapsed / moved under the existing category, "Great Vegetables.")


Thanks everyone!!!

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jlcjlr(9b Sacramento CA)

I'm always looking for new ideas and would be be interested in:
*Plant Combinations

    Bookmark   September 21, 2010 at 8:13PM
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I definitely agree:

* PLANT COMBINATIONS would be such a great addition to the 'Garden Galleries' category list!!!

    Bookmark   September 24, 2010 at 5:57AM
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