September glories 4

linnea2(z5 NY)September 16, 2006

The Salvia ('Indigo Spires') has bloomed since early June, so has the Dahlia

in the background. If these were hardy, this would be my favorite perennials.

I saw a post somewhere, on overwintering Indigo Spires in zone 5, I'll sure give it a try!

What a glorious Salvia! I have S.'Black and Blue' in a container,

it overwintered inside. Another gorgeous Salvia!

Castor beans are my new obsession.

Image link:

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I have really enjoyed the tour through your garden.

I, too, love the Salvia 'Black & Blue'. You say you overwinter this plant in a container, inside. Where inside?
So far, I haven't tried that, perhaps I could. Every year I have to scrounge around to find someplace that will have B & B for sale. Would an orchid greenhouse (small) be comparable?

The only place I can find locally is about 30-35 miles from me. Any guidance you can give me will be appreciated.


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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

linnea,have you ever tried whacking it after it gets to 2' to see if you might get larger leaves on a shorter plant? just wondering because i have places in my gardens where that look would be helpful...

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Kay, thank you, yes I overwintered the 'Black and Blue' in its pot inside the house,
it didn't look that good come spring, but bounced back and flowered after a month
back outside. It's still blooming.
If I had fed it, I didn't, just infrequent water, it may have bloomed sooner?
What a gorgeous Salvia!

Mindy, no, never tried that with B&B, I just cut it back a bit in the spring,
but I'm experimenting with some others.
Neither of my B&B are really over 2 feet, maybe in the ground? Are yours?

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I think I will try B & B in the house this winter. Of course, I have a couple questions---conditions--light? near a window? which direction?

Yes, it is a gorgeous Salvia. I have to pay $8,00 for a 4 inch pot. I like it well enough to pay that but ifI can get it to winterover, that would be great.

Both of mine are just about 2 feet, including bloom spikes. They always keep blooming until hard frost.


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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

linnea, in my post above,I wasn't referring to b and b. i was referring to castor bean when i asked about whacking it!

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Kay, I honestly don't remember exactly where that one spent the winter
(there were many), but as far as I know, a fairly bright room but not in direct sun.
I'm sure you could do better, I had white flies and am no expert with indoor plants.
It may root from a cutting, too, why not try it, maybe someone else has an answer to that.

Just make sure, when you put it back outside, to give it a fairly shady, protected
corner for a couple of weeks, to acclimatize. The whitefly disappeared once outside.

Oops, Mindy! Yes, inadvertently I did, but not the way you meant.
My rabbits (*&!!*#!) BIT off a 'Gibson' seedling a friend gave me and left it on the ground.
I stuck it in a pot of moist soil and gave it up for lost.
The thing rooted, and was subsequently planted out. It made a small plant with smaller leaves.
The nub left in the ground was probably overwhelmed by a new Gibson seedling from my
sympathetic friend.
Cutting off a big, healthy plant (if I had the nerve), with a big root system,
I'd worry about water and rot in the hollow stems, but it might work, if mine self seed
I'll try it. I'm a little lost among the cultivars, so far Gibson and Carmencita are
my favorites. 'Impala' gets bigger and greener, but they were ebay loot, so who knows
what they really are.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I overwintered my b&b salvia in the garage. Just put it in a pot, let it go dormant, watered it every 6 weeks, took outside in the spring. No light, just above freezing. Looked great.

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gottagardenz5 - Is your garage attached to the house, any heat supplied or, is it free-standing and the plant takes its chances? Oops--I just read your post again. "just above freezing". Did you even dampen the potting mix during the winter.

This is another good idea for me to try.

Thanks all. Kay

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