florida254 what is this flower

florida254September 22, 2009

Every year I pluck little plants out of my yard and put in a flower pot and Wella! a big beautiful flower appears. It looks wonderful for about two months and then it starts to get yellow leaves and then it just starts to fall over and is not pretty at all. I think it may be in the pansy family but I can't find a pansy that looks like it.

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I am still trying to find out the name of this plant. I saw it last week at Home Depot but it did not have the name on it. If I don't see a name on the plant I won't buy it. I havn't seen any starts in my yard so far this year

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I had a really hard time finding out the name of this plant. I just bought one like it at Garden Gate Nursery in Gainesville, Fl. Garden Gate said it was a Torenia. After I came home I did a search. Its full name is Wishbone flower Torenia fournieri. It makes such a beautiful flower. I recommend Garden Gate.

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