Brugmansia Photo (second try)

jeffseattle(z6 PA)September 12, 2005

Here is an image of my Sunray Brugmansia. As you can see, they get pretty big, even in a pot (this one's in about a 24-inch pot). I overwintered it in a cold greenhouse to protect it from frost. They can be pruned back hard in the winter and will grow back VERY quickly when the weather gets warm.

Image link:

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I wonder if yours is the same as this one?? The shrub this was one is about 10ft tall and there were heaps of unopened flowers like this

and opened ones like this

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jeffseattle(z6 PA)

Yes, that's it exactly - except that the open blossoms stay a pretty vivid yellow. I can't seem to master the trick of resizing my photo files without them turning small and grainy... Any tips?

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Jeff, I like your pics just the way they are. I always post mine too big. What other brugs do you have beside Sunray and Jean Pasco?

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I don't know if this will help you with resizing your photos...all I do is put them into My Pictures...right click on the with....paint....image....and change the horizontal and vertical...I have found 36 and 34 respectively makes mine this size and doesn't pixelate them. A lady on the Oz forum told me how to do this so I hope it helps you too!!! Cheers, Tina

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