Bachelor Button & Bees

echoes_or(Zone 3)September 11, 2005

Hopefully this picture shows.. Never posted here B4 that it worked. We'll see.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bachelor Button & Bees

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echoes_or(Zone 3)*nDIPFJiq*1KydjhR*esM*kqYij9KGKaBeW7kUuNVAUhkX64/POTW%208-4-05%20016.jpg?dc=4675533616570326799!1d1fHLphY4LZnnHM3tQla5eqfYm!OPcrBwp6hacDlVKm5VFDxuFkJBUAbvyWkh2A7nY9YfWe85b7Dzn4*8p*m28NTr6nQ6!fJjIA/POTW%208-4-05%20017.jpg?dc=4675533616608747667

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NikkoBlue(8b GA)

What a great Shot, I love the Bee flying away, it's so nice to here them buzzing in your yard!

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They are so cute...we don't have the bumble bees as such where I am. Tina

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