Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Tree?

heymoe1September 30, 2009

I found this tree on the back of some new land that I purchased, and I am trying to identify what sort of tree it might be. I have attached a picture of the seed/nut "pod", in hopes that it might make it easier to identify! I have searched all over and cannot find this pod anywhere to help me in the identification!

The pod is 4" across, and weighs about 14 oz.. I have not yet opened the pod! This is from Central Illinois!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank You In Advance!


Image link:

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An update....this is NOT a nut pod, but rather, some sort of a fruit-type thing. I cut one open. It was white inside and there was a lot of a milky-type substance that quickly became very sticky when it was exposed to the air! I am really stumped!

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I don't normally follow the forum, just happened to be poking around and saw this. In the future for id requests, you should try the "name that plant" forum. Most id requests are answered in minutes as this one surely would have been. But I'll save you a trip there today. It is an osage orange or "hedge apple," Maclura pomifera.


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