Newly bought Vine Maple

HerbSeptember 30, 2005

I'd been hankering after a Vine Maple & when I saw this one in a small pot at a nursery, I forewent the bottle of Malbec & bought this instead.

It was getting pot-bound so I loosened the roots out & gave it a bigger pot. Maybe we'll eventually find a place in the garden where it can be planted in the ground.

Image link:

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sunnyday2day(mid-MI. zone 5)

Hmmm, very pretty! This must not be a hardy maple variety though, right? I'd never heard of a maple vine before...thanks for sharing. :)

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Vine Maple (Acer circinatum) is native to the west coast, from British Columbia down to northern California, & some distance inland. I think it's moderately hardy.

It has a vine-like habit when growing in deep shade, but in the open it'll grow into a tree, though I understand it's better if it's sheltered from hot afternoon sun.

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