Advice on my Jade Plant

luigie822September 25, 2007

Would someone have any idea what's going on with my jade plant? I recently bought a bonsai tree (ficus), and when researching online how to care for it, I noticed pictures of jade plants that look NOTHING like mine. I'm wondering if something is wrong with it. There isn't a main trunk, it's just several branches that bend over the rim of the pot, and then bend updward. It seems to be self-supporting and strong. However, what looks like a white powder is on some of the leaves and there is always a ring of brown "dust" on the shelf underneath the branches. Also, the clay pot that it's in has the white powder around the middle of the pot. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions? Thanks!

Here is a picture of the plant; I'll post more detailed pictures of the leaves and dust below.

Image link:

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Here is a picuture of what the leaves look like when they fall off. They're brown with what looks like silver sparkles on them. Is this what they're supposed to look like when they fall off?

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I meant to post this on the cactus & succuli forum... sorry! Could someone assist in moving this thread?

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This is mine... Idk what's happening to it:(((

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Grandy4(9-10 FL)

Are these plants inside the house or out in the yard?

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