10 and 30 pictures of rose

RoseScope(5)September 9, 2005

Links to my new flower displays:

Rose in 10 pictures, file size is 137kb

Rose in 30 pictures, file size is 252kb

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Neat-O! As soon as things settle down around here, I'm going to try out doint this this. Hmmm,....what to use as my subject matter? :P


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You may choose any object you like. Important thing is how to make a set of photos with some changes from one picture to another. I dream one day to capture a rose in its growth. You may try to take pictures just holding camera in your hands. LetÂs say your object is on a distance of 2 Â 3 feet from the lens, get something to sit on and move a little your upper body from one side to another and make few shuts. You may also mount camera on a tripod and move it around or rotate object itself on a scene.
One more note - file size of entire slideshow will be equal to sum of all photos. I would capture or resize format of the pictures to something that is no more then 640x480pix and will try to minimize file size of each photo to lowest level. It may compromise a bit quality of the picture but this is a price to pay for the fun of interactive display.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Thanks for the tips, Alex! When I get to it, I'll try what you've suggested. Hubby is just home from the hospital today. :)


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