More flowers in the rain

pnwjoy54October 9, 2006

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Beautiful flowers, just awesomely beautful.... worth getting wet to take or is it just after the rain? My sister is in Oregon City, she loves her dahlias also and is trying to convince me to grow them. Anything I have to dig up and plant again year after year is way to much work though your dahlias and hers, she sent me pics also are just gorgeous! I looked at all of them and oohed and awed, I hope when my gardens are done mine look so nice. I just picked one to comment on :o) Leslie

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Thanks Leslie. No, I waited for a pause in the rain before I went out to take these. I wouldn't mind getting wet but my camera probably would! :-)
In your zone you shouldn't have to dig dahlias up each year. I don't have to. They are hardy in my garden and should be in yours as well sense you are in a zone higher than mine. I just added a few new ones this year but some of my favorites I've grown for years.

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