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freedeeOctober 3, 2009

On the edge of my deck, I had a "plant wall" installed in lieu of a railing. I bought railings on CraigÂs list from a woman who changed her mind after she had these iron railings made, and I got them for a good price. What I now have is a regular railing, with a second railing parallel to it. There is a foot of space between them. My friend will try to post photos. (I tried for a couple of hours to post them and it didnÂt work.) I will try to describe what IÂve done, and what I plan to do.

IÂve already started to line the cavity between the railings with landscape fabric. IÂve installed a drain on the bottom. I got 32 large bags of perlite. I was going to fill the cavity with perlite. I would open small holes all over the landscape fabric and insert plant plugs, (very small starter plants).

My question is can I do this with perlite only, should I add other ingredients? I will be installing a drip irrigation tube in the cavity. It will on a timer, so drying out should not be an issue. I read on this site that people sift perlite to get rid of the dust. Is that a good idea?

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domehome(9 CA)

Perlite is really dusty. I would consider adding at least some peat for water retention (it's much lighter than soil). Please post pictures of the finished project . . . it looks great.

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Wow. inspiring. can't wait to see it when it's planted.

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Be sure to use plants that can take the cold. Like Sempervivums, some Sedums. It's okay to make bags of mix out of Panty Hose, and poke holes to put your plant cuttings. What about hanging baskets of plants. Some cacti may work if they don't get too heavy, and bring the whole thing down. Norma

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