video of our cottage garden with music

granneeeeannieOctober 16, 2013

Our casual cottage garden with ponds, veg. garden, some berries and garden "art". We had to fence the back yard to achieve any sort of garden due to herds of deer. We still have groundhog issues.

And weed issues. I do all the weeding and am continually behind when the weather gets hot. At that point the flowers and weeds have to fight it out and may the best one win. You'd think I would have at least put the hose away, weeded, and dead-headed before grabbing the camera, but....I hope you enjoy my little video anyway and music by two of our grandchildren.

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Awsome video! When I started gardening I grew perennials, then also grew a lot of hostas and daylilies. After watching that I'm convinced I should go back to growing perennials. Great job on both the video and the garden. Marg

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Just beautiful.......thank you for sharing it !

With the musical accompaniments and the artistry of the garden itself, it was like a peaceful meditation.

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titian1 10b

I did enjoy visiting your garden. Loved the paths winding through, the colour, butterflies, leaping fountain, and the backdrop of trees. Also the accompaniments by your grandchildren. Utterly charming, thankyou.

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