Spider_Lily's Garden Delight

spider_lily(8)October 31, 2008

Sharing a few of my flowers with you.Summer 2008

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Thanks spider lily

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

I love that! What is it?

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Yes! spider Lily what is it. I was given one in July when it was about 2 foot tall with two branches. When Hurricane Ike came through I had to replant and it shot up to around 7 feet. We had over 50 blooms, but the blooms always dropped off so I thought I would have to do cuttings as I understand they die back all the way to the ground each winter. When the cooler weather set in it put on seed pods. At first we were waiting for more blooms, but now I have about 8 seed pods and I have harvested two giving me at least 100+ seeds. Will the seeds sprout? We have had a lot of enjoyment from this one plant as we have it in our dinning room window to enjoy every morning. The seeds are round about the size of a celery seed with fuzz on them. I was told they called it "Cotton Tree," or something of that nature. Looks like I will have a lot of seeds before this winter is over. Would enjoy knowing the name of this fast growing wonderful flowering plant.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

It is hibiscus mutabilis aka: confederate rose.

They can be propagated very easily from cutting. And they are of the cotton and okra family.

Unless you have a killing frost, they will come back in the Houston area. In fact, I bought mine in Baytown.

They bloom only in early fall. The rest of the time they are not very pretty.

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Thanks for the ID, only knew it as Cotton Flower Tree. Does anyone know where is is native? I got my cutting from in-laws. They started blooming from August until the cool weather set in, then it put on seed. I am trying to see if they will sprout. I understand that even if they freeze back the will come back the following year from the root. Mine is just starting to put on leaves again. I know the Texas Star hibiscus came from Florida and Louisiana. Have you had a luck with seeds? I first thought they were blooms until they never opened so just had to find out. Never heard of a plant putting on seed after it stopped blooming.

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I have seeds of this plant. They're a few years old now. I had no luck in sprouting them. Maybe I'll give it another try, this flower is sooo beautiful!

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