Rhododenrum in flower now???

geoffhandley(Shropshire, UK)October 24, 2005

Saw this in full flower at Ness Gardens last week. Not just a stray branch but the whole bush. Could not tell what the name was as it was at the back of a very wide border.

Image link:

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It certainly does look like a rhododendrum to me.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

There are Rhododendrons that normally flower in autumn, but I don't know what this one is.

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I would telephone the garden and ask! Someone there should be happy to give you the identification. I'm curious to know what it is.

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I think it's caused by some peculiarity of the 2005 weather. Some of our rhodos & Azaleas that normally flower in spring have been trying to flower, and one - a red one - has been flowering strongly for the past month.

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Joyce(Zone 7b LI, NY)

I have several Rhodies AND Azaleas in bloom now.
Yes, we had a horrible drought, no rain from July-September...and now over 20" of rain in October.
The plants think it's spring again.
My Amaryllis is blooming already too!

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Beautiful color. NOTHING in bloom here, we got a killing frost.

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Yes, it's lovely. My pink azalea that came to me as a pot plant at least ten Chrismas's ago is now in full flower in the garden. It has it's own raised border which I keep well topped up with ericasious (sorry may be misspelt!) soil. It flowers generally right through the milder times of autumn, winter and spring and is about two and half feet across!

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suzannie41(PA-Zn 6)

Looks like rhododendrum to me too. Some of my azaleas are still blooming. I think the crazy hurricane weather we've had here in Florida made all the plants wonder what's going on! I have spring bulbs coming up in pots too.


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I live in zone 5 and my white and purple Rhododendrons are blooming, as well.

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geoffhandley(Shropshire, UK)

I sent an E-mail to Ness gardens and received this the other day. So perhaps normal flowering time. We have not had an unusual season this side of the pond.

Dear Geoff,
The Rhododendron is Rosa Mundi or Christmas Cheer they are very similar and we always have arguments as to the correct name.
It is unusual to have so much flower at this time of the year but they are good garden plants.
best wishes
Paul Cook

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