Dwarf cyclamen

geoffhandley(Shropshire, UK)October 19, 2005

I found this in the alpine house at Ness Bonic gardens yesterday. I really like the foliage, but unfortunately I do not know the name. I forgot to take my note book with me.

Image link:

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Very nice. It looks to me to be Cyclamen coum of the Pewter Strain or Pewter group. But who knows? It's beautiful!


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I don't think this is C. coum. It shouldn't be in full flower this early, the leaf patterning isn't right, and the flowers are the wrong shape.

I think its a C. purparescens, for three reasons. First, it apparently has purpurescens-type flowers, look at the bottom where the petals all meet and the relatively non-propeller shape of the petals. Second, the slight leaf patterning at the edge of the leaves is like the edge of normal purpuresecns leaf patterning. And third, and this really should clinch it, isn't that what the partially obscured label reads? Strange that it should be indoors, its fully hardy.

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geoffhandley(Shropshire, UK)

I think i might agree with sbrubs_n_bulbs. I have just examined the label on the original picture by zooming in and its says ....scens. and I think Cyclamen purpurescens is the only one with that ending.
I can understand why they put it indoors. It was on staging so it was easy to admire and heavy rain is kept off which would spoil the flowers. They seemed to have had the doors jammed open so they weren't trying to keep it warm. They also had some named forms of Cyclane hederfolium in there as well.

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Lovely Cyclamen. I agree with purpurascens.

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