digital defeat- back to a 35 mm-advise on which one..

cheerpeopleOctober 12, 2005

I tried and failed.

Spent probably 5 hours with a manual, the camera, my computer, or tech support and just couldn't make a go of it. The pics will not go onto my mac. even tho they are supposed to be compatible. Without that perk- what's the point? I can't say the pic quality of the fuji 4.1mp A345 is better than my recently broken basic 35mm. I would say it's pokey to take the shot- before the subject has moved or the wind has blown the flower into a blur.

Looking for advise on a very affordable point and shoot 35mm. Most of my pics are garden pics, kids, horses, santa....

I have to get one before an event this weekend.

One site had olympus stylus zoom and olympus stylus epic with a 4/5 star rating.

Any thoughts?

I'm not into all that manual setting stuff- I've even been to a photography class. It's just not me but... I do want a most excellent pic. Maybe I'll reconsider the digital when we've upgraded teh computer next year.

in the meantime what do you suggest for the $150 or less budget?


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JoanofPa(z6 Pa)

Am I supposed to see a pic to go with music?

Try my Minolta Zoom 160C and you won't give it up ever!

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Well, what do you know...another one with the same music...and Masterpirate has posted on this one too! Hmmm!

Karen, I tried a Fuji when my diggie camera broke down. But I'm not sure I'd recommend it--I'll have to review the pix I printed from it.


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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I predict that the pirate will have been made to walk the plank within 24 hours ;)

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Sorry that the digital isn't working out for you, Karen. It looks like you got yourself a camera with fairly so-so image quality anyway, there are certainly better point-and-shoot digitals in that price range. I'd suggest looking at a Canon Powershot, which has good image quality in auto mode and a good macro for flowers. Or possible a Sony Cybershot which has a good lens, although they seem a bit pricy to me.

I can't really help with the Mac, but I'm surprised it doesn't just plug in the back and go. Possibly it is quite an old one and doesn't have the latest drivers.

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I apologise for the music.
I don't have speakers to hear it at home when I posted but here at work to my surprise it has music;-0
I'm not that talented. Not sure how I got music on my post- but sorry.
Thx for your advise tho.

thx rebecca for the volume control! Nice carion flower pic the other day too!

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Try It's a pretty good website for viewing comments/reviews on various digital cameras. You can pull up reviews by brand & model, even older ones. If you're looking for 35-mm point and shoot, the Olympus suggested above is good (I still have my old one), and Nikon is also a good choice.

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SandL(6a KS)

Aside from the drunkan sailer song . . . I would recommend Canon's Rebel G. I used to have one until my hubby upgraded me to the digital version. I'm still figuring out the digital, but LOVED the 35 mm.


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I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions.
Since I needed the camera for the weekend I had to limit myself to small town availability.
They had ONLY 4 35 mm choices at walmart and none at all at Staples. I chose a cannon.

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I'm wondering if the problem could be with your computer. I've no experience with MAC. With my PC, all I do is plug in and download. Three different cameras and no problem what-so-ever. Canon, Sony, Nikon. And I am sooooo far from being computer savvy.


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