I need some privacy!

orion13hkNovember 12, 2005

Hi folks,

A buddy of mine has a nice balcony but he rarely goes out there because there's just no privacy at all out there LOL. Take a look at the picture and you'll know what i am talking about.

Any suggestions as to what can be done would be greatly appreciated. What plants/vines can i plant to improve my privacy. Better still, show me your pictures. Plants that can go weeks without water are even better :-).

Thanks! orion

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Wow, any kind of bush would be better than that, huh?

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How about some outdoor drapery, on a tension line? Something creamy and billowy.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Big balcony! So the three plants you already have not doing it for you, huh?

How about bamboo. It will create a nice screen to the height of your choosing without being a solid wall.

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I'd incline to try a roll-down bamboo blind and some potted plants - something like the attached picture. I don't know what plants suit your climate, but the plant on the right in the picture is an artificial one.
Click here to see

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Holy Cow! Are those his plants on the other side? Maybe ask him to move them over to your side of the balcony, so maybe you could enjoy them too?

The bamboo idea looks good.


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It looks like the large plants at the other end of the balcony are there to take advantage of additional light there. I'd go with shrubs n bulb's big pots of bamboo, or blind curtain like Herb's. Also, there must be some tropical vines that could grow on a large trellis that maybe you could have built or purchase -

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sjv78736(austin texas)

crotons. (see link) crotons are easily grown from arid Mexico to balmy Hawaii. they will grow large in pots and cannot be beat for colorful foliage! they will tolerate the occasional drought and are quite disease resistant. mine started out about the size of the plants in your pic and 3 years later they are over 5' tall. i've had them in full sun but also on a patio much like the one pictured here. while the bamboo screen idea is a good idea - i would worry about the loss of light and airflow, esp if i wanted to grow any plants on this porch. something like cheesecloth might be a better choice, allowing more light and air. it can easily be dyed to a color you like or even soaked in tea for an 'antique' look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crotons

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Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! If i put up a blind, it might block my neighbor's view (the neighbor to my left), so i guess it's a no. The plants you see actually belong to the neighbor 2 doors away, not my immediate neighbor to my right. So i guess that leaves only vines/trellis and/or bushy plants.

I've been shopping around. Bamboos are too expensive! The most affordable plants i could find are elephant's ears. I like Raphis palm too but it's also more expensive than EE.

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Stewart_7(z7 NC)

It appears that the neighbors on the other side of your friends neighbor had the same issues with "clothesline neighbor" as your friend. Hence their own wall of plants.

I think thats a great idea. Copy what they did. Use lots of tall potted plants like the other neighbors did.

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Irma_StPete(z9 FL)

"If i put up a blind, it might block my neighbor's view (the neighbor to my left), so i guess it's a no." ?? Block their view of what? The laundry of the neighbor on your right? Anyway, good luck...and show us how you solve the problem!

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First of all, that's not to badddd, but if your really seeking privacy, something that is from your area that will block at least 50-75% will give you some. If you want more you have to get expensive...(according to what i've read)

Although I like privacy (i'm in country) I do not want my tousha sticking up in the air for everyne to see) when they drive by...I plain simple want to work in my garden and or experiment as to my humble gardening experience...

My thinking is "do what you can do best and don't let anybody judge" and "make you feel less of for trying"


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Hey, thanks again for all your wonderful suggestions. It gets very very windy out there so a blind is definitely not a good idea. Besides, it will block my neighbor's (left) sea/city view. I have been shopping around and might be getting 2 each of raphis palm, green palm and Elephant's Ear. So there will be 3 of them on each side. Not enough i know but i will add 2 more later. Hmm,i should get one more for the inside too.

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I just ordered 2 ea Raphis Palm, 2 each Yellow Palm (?), 2 ea Elephant's Ear and 1 ea Lipstick Palm. Delivery in one hour. Cost me a total of 340 ringgit (90 USD). May not seem a lot, except i am still between job LOL. I will post the after-pic. Thanks. Kurt.

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Here are the After-Pix. I placed the bushier plants on the left because the owners are out more often - almost every day/night.



2x Raphis Palms, 2x Elephant's Ear (Alocasia Macrorrhizza, 3x yellow palms, 1x red palm (lipstick palm?). Altogether 375 Ringgit, approximately 100 USD...ouch LOL. Prices inclusive of the pots and saucers. I am going to bring one of the yellow palms indoor.
Thanks, Kurt

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