A few Fall pics

crunchpa(z5Pa)November 1, 2008

Fall has been a little less colorful this year in these parts....it stayed pretty warm, but there are always some chances for a nice photo or two. Lets see your examples of fall color from your neighborhood.

Pee Gee Hydrangea takes on that pinkish cast every fall

From FallWeb From FallWeb

Ornamental grass looks great in a backlit situation

From FallWeb

Red Sunset maple is reliable for fall From FallWeb

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A japanese cutleaf maple
From FallWeb

Weeping cherry
From FallWeb

From FallWeb

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WOW!! Gorgeous photos. Is that row of trees in your driveway? I luv, luv the hydrangeas turning that pretty shade of pink. Mine start to turn some and then turn brown. bummer. Thanks for sharing your beautiful landscape. Judy

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Thanks Judy........the row of pears is a house up the road a little....I drive by everyday and thought I would take a photo

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natalie4b(7b GA)

What a beautiful garden and home you have Cruchpa! Jap. Maple is stunning! Thank you for posting photos.

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