A few fall pictures

springa7(z5 MA)November 5, 2005

Hopefully this new "thumbnail" feature that they have on Picturetrail works ...

This is a picture of our next-door neighbors red maple showing beautiful foliage behind a still-green viburnum bush in our yard -

Here's a slightly more closeup view - many of the trees in this area had less colorful foliage than usual this year, but this one was just as brilliant as always -

Here's a couple of oaks in another neighbor's yard - their foliage is much less bright, but it sometimes looks nice in a more subdued kind of way (for some oaks, though, the leaves just go straight from green to brown) -

Here's a small patch of mums, just about the last flowers to bloom - we almost lost these 2 winters ago, they came back slightly last year but barely bloomed, but this fall they are blooming quite a bit -

This red maple is always the first one in our yard to lose its leaves - the tree to the right is also a red maple, but is always 1-2 weeks behind in losing its leaves. Some years, these trees get brilliant orange-red-yellow mottled foliage, but this year they were relatively dull, being mostly yellow -

A view from the back edge of the yard to some houses at the end of the field behind our street. You can see a considerable amount of color on the trees here, although some autumns have much brighter colors than this one -

I just like this picture because I managed to get 4 different trees together, all swaying to the right under a strong breeze. To the left with the orange foliage is a red maple; in the lower center is a red "cedar" (actually in the juniper family) with is bluish, berry like cones; in the upper center are several branches from a white pine; and to the right is a branch from a Norway maple, with leaves that haven't developed much color yet -

Finally, this is a picture of a few grapes that have not yet been eaten by birds or animals dangling from the mostly leafless remains of the wild grapevines that grow along a chain link fence at the back of our yard -

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Thumbnail works great. Lovely pictures.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Thanks for the tour!! All those beautifully colored trees! OooEee! You must be lovin' it!


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Love the thumbnails. I have dial-up and sometimes have to wait an eternity to get that many photos. This was very fast and then I could click on the individuals for a close-up.

Fall looks very good where you live, as expected. Lovely pics.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Very nice. Thumbnails are working well.

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