Tomatoes and Peppers in Sad Shape

mzcountrychicJune 21, 2014

I had some great looking peppers and tomatoes. Went on vacation for about 10 days, during which time we got a lot of bad storms. A lot of the tomatoes got wind damaged--a broken limb or bent over. I have been back about a week, and trying not to overwater. The tomato plants are too bent to stake (some were really not needing staking when I left). I have been trying to add a little compost around the plants for extra nutrients. Most of the leaves are green but drooping. Some of the tiny tomatoes started to go black where attached to the vine. What is going on and what can I do to help my plants? Will they still grow if a limb gets broken?

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Tomatoes are very fragile plant, the wind and plummeting temp. Can damage plants, that's what happened with me at some point. Your plants maybe lacking nutrition and water . If I am not mistaken the Brown spots are caused by early blight. Have you noticed any aphids or other critters?
I would get rid of the plants, because most of the time you can't salvage tomatoes

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Thanks for your help. I am so sad, as I have worked very hard to get my plants looking good, and. . . What about the rest of my garden, will it be okay? Does the blossom that turns black mean blight as well. What are the signs I need to look for. I noticed when I was digging a black and white or yellow and black caterpillar type critter. Do you know anything about this. I have been spraying with Neem oil extract. ??

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I am so sorry.
We had a storm come through a couple of days ago the knocked down some of my tomato plants too - built up the dirt around them and tied them to the fence they are planted along. Hopefully they will recover.

Looks like yours got tons of water which overwhelmed them. If it were me I would leave them alone and see what happens. Can you plant a second round of plants as a back-up? If the black was on the end of the fruit I would say blossom end rot - perhaps the over abundance of water is the cause.

The caterpillar may be an Armyworm. Need to remove and dispose of.

Here is a link that might be useful: Armyworms

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