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santi_rodriguezNovember 28, 2009

So this garden has been in the gutter for years, but a couple of years ago I undertook the task of bringing it back to life, this is what I got so far, suggestions are always welcome. There are still a million things to do but it is so much better than before.

I live in the heart of the city so it is sorrounded by tall buildings yet we manage to get plenty of sun.

This is some sort of creeper which came with the garden and it is HUGE it covers almost ten stories of that building. In the fall it turns deep red.

The fornt plant is I believe a camelia, and this spring I planted a wisteria to cover the pergola.

That is a ficus tree, it was intended to grow as a shrub but years of neglet turned it into this beautiful huge tree, no leaves visible cause it was just prunned.

The tall plant is a two year old lemon verbena, I am lucky enough that here it is able to survive the winter. It is quite a grower also. Under it there is some sort of rue, goldenrods, yarrows and a couple of roses.

And this is my kumquat bush, and the plant beneath I can remember the name right now.

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lisa2004(NY Z5/6)

Wow! That is really beautiful.

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kal2769(Zone 8)

Quite lovely. Perhaps the Godzilla vine is a Boston Ivy?

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nice roses and that creeper is amazing. wisteria a good choice for the pergola.

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arquatus(7a DC)

This looks great. What perfect yellow roses. I have read that if you brush up against a lemon verbena, it gives off a lovely fragrance. You might want to position it alongside a path.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

You have a beautiful garden. I can't wait to see how you bring it back to life. I think your vine is Boston Ivy, as Kal said. I don't know your zone, but wisteria can be pretty tough to control. Mine ate a tree and a house before I managed to kill it.

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I love your garden :D I think you have the coolest setting. So many neat nooks and crannies and gorgeous tile-work. Hope you are having a great season!!

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Your garden has so much character. The tiles the bricks and ofcourse all the beutiful flowers. Great job.

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sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)

Wow, that is quite a pergola. I need one of is giving me ideas. So the part that comes down on the pavers, is it free standing or is the post in the ground? I can't tell from the pictures. I know part of it has brick pillars. Very nice looking place.

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so i've been away for some time, but here ill post an update:

Thank you all for the nice comments they are great, i really do think it is boston ivy from what ive researched on the net, thanks for the tip on what it was. As to the question if the pillars are free standing or if they have foundations on the ground, i really can´t say as this house has 70 yrs and they are an original feature that came with it, but i think they have some sort of foundation.

before i post pics from last summer i found some before pics while cleaning up my computer so here they go they are from the 2007 summer:

So that is the before, and here is the now. This´pictures were taken at the end of summer on late march i think, so here they go:

This is a view of the front of the garden, the wisteria has grown so much in a year its incredible. You can also see the ficus tree that had been prunned on my previous post.

This is the barren flowerbed seen in the before pic, now it has some small hydrangeas and an azalea bush, i'm still planning on adding something else, but not sure as to what.

Added grass on some areas as a test drive for the whole garden, happy to say its done AMAZINGLY

Moved some of the roses that were on the flower beds to big pots, as they were not doing so well, and in the containers they are doing great.

I really dont know what the plant on the linden flower bed is, but it is great, it has tiny deep pink flowers that form little redish yellow seed balls:

And here are some close-ups of some of the flowers i have now growing on some of the beds:

I'll post pics from this spring and summer. Tasks for this season include, some heavy prunning as everythig has grown some lush and wild, so maybe it wont look so great for a while. Finishing adding grass to the rest of the garden. Establishing an asparagus bed, and more, so much more flowers.

As always please leave your comments as they are great!

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Wow!! Great photos! Judy

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Oh my lamb!!! You have done a great job, Santi, with your
gardens I love it all. The space is beautiful. Is the

precious plant in the 6th & 7th photos from the bottom up a type of Gaura maybe? Its awesome. I love your

Geraniums. What's your secret to growing them? I can't. I think because it gets so humid here in south MS. I have

a pale/clear pink one that I bought in a mixed basket this spring that I put in a half whiskey barrel and just about

lost during the hottest part of the summer. I cut it back hard and it's looking better and getting new blooms since

it's cooled off...just in time to freeze and be lost. I may dig and pot it up and put it in the garage for

winter. Thanks for sharing, Leslie

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I really enjoyed looking at your pics!
Besides the plants and blooms, I also love bricks and tiles!

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Lovely,pictures are great thanks for posting them

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I guess guara, too, and Boston ivy. Amazing!

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tussiemussies(z6 NJ)

Pretty setting and fllowers!

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Diana395(8b- Gulfport, Mississippi)

Just lovely! Where are you?

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Very gorgeous flowers.

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The look of the garden and the attractive plants are telling your hard work done on the garden. Amazing work and yet more to do. Make it a home for plants.
best of luck.
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