Time to dig 'em out

HerbNovember 2, 2005

We've left these tomatoes hanging there as long as we thought they might go on ripening, but today's the last day.... my wife says it's time for them to go. We'll pick a few of them first.

Image link:

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The tomatos can be stored in the deep freeze in zip locks and taken out when needed for juice or mince meat. They can be popped into the microwave in the bags to thaw out enough to chop or put right into the kettle frozen to make juice. Cook, strain, enjoy. EP

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

Yep, Herb, I think you have gotten just about all the "goodey" out of those mater plants.

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Have you ever tried pulling the whole plant and hanging it upside down on something (like a fence) and let the rest ripen? That way, they are out of the way so you can plant other things but you get as many tommies as possible....just a thought...Tina

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