Photochop of What I'm Doing Next Year

rickstangNovember 4, 2010

I drew it up on paper and then put it in photoshop. This is what I plan on doing next year. After I get this done, the following year I'll draw up something new. I want to make the entire backyard a garden.

Key Features:

20 Thuja Green Giants (Already Purchased)

Red mulch outlining darker bark mulch.

The Double Pink Knockout Roses to the right will go across the entire back yard (200 feet).

After crossing the bridge you'll come to a bench and if you keep walking the flagstone, you will enter trails that I plan to make. The way I have the roses across my backyard, the only way to enter the trails is over the bridge and across the flagstone. Flowers are for demonstration purposes in the below photos. I'll have a lot more different kints.

What do you guys think?

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