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redhotchilipepperNovember 4, 2005

This is the other pic I tried to upoload with the first. If I would have waited another week to take the pic my morning glories were covered with blooms. They never started growing until Aug. due to the lack of rain. I forgot I planted then there. They survived despite my best bud in front of them watering them every time he went out.

Image link:

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What a beautiful Sheepdog! I have a 4 year female OES named Maisy. aren't they just the best dogs! I've had several over the years

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Very cute!

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Thank you he's a sweetie.He's my first sheepdog. I didnt compress the pic right it's to small.

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He's so cute. I assited in transporting an English Sheep dog from Florida to Ohio a couple of years ago (Dog rescue). They are such loveable dogs.

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