My garden after the first rain in 9 months - WARNING lots of pics

Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)November 9, 2008

Spring and fall seem to be the seasons with the most amount of significant growth for such short seasons. I think the primary reason would be that the summer is far too dry. Anyway, here are some pics from my yard as things begin to lush up after the first rain since February. Enjoy!

A desert/tropical nook with some fragrant roses arching over

Mina Lobata


Pomegranates! the fruit of fall and winter!


The last of the Erythrina blooms

Blue Potato Bush - collapsed under its own weight

Bougainvillea x buttiana

Australian tree fern, kentia palm and princess flower

Princess flower close up

Passiflora Edulis flowers and fruit

Bougainvillea Barbara Karst

White Brugmansia

Rhododendron Rutherfordiana "alaska"


The last of the duranta blooms



Meyer lemon blooms


Tecomaria Capensis

White Brugmansia

And lastly, tecoma stans

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

Your garden is utterly beautiful. Many of the plants you have made me reminiscent of when I lived in Miami, which I didn't think was possible!

The thing is, I have always suffered with severe zone envy. I lived in Miami all of my life until two years ago, and never appreciated what I could have had. I was so hung up on having a English cottage garden that I missed out on all of the wonderful things I could have enjoyed, (such as many of the plants in your garden).

What your collection of pictures shows me is to make the best of what I've got. Because each climate has a beauty of its own, if I'm so hung up on what I can't have, then I will really miss out.

Thanks for sharing!

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Fantastic.....I love to see what people in other parts of the country are doing with their yards.......Thanks

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

You're Welcome.
Floweryearth, i'm guilty of the same thing. I am in zone 9b, but i always find myself trying to grow things that are NOT for my zone. lol. Sometimes i go a zone higher and sometimes a zone lower. Some examples are Dypsis Leptocheilos (zone 10), Dypsis Lutescens (zone 10), lilacs and paeonies(zone 8 or below for optimal flowering). And ask me why i run and buy more every year. haha. I have three lilacs (none of which actually bloom like i have seen them in colder zones) and i've tried paeonies countless times. I think you've hit the nail on the head, we should make the best of what we have. By the way, i'm glad i was able to remind you of Miami.

That's the reason why i like lurking around this forum. lol. I like seeing the gardens in the Southeast primarily (Georgia, Virginia, the Carolinas...) Rain really makes a world of difference - especially since we get very little of it.

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floweryearth(8a NW GA)

central cali,

Here in north georgia we have been in a terrible drought for some years now, as I've heard that most of cali is. I totally agree with you say "Rain really makes a world of difference - especially since we get very little of it", because it's the same over here.

If you want a lilac, I happily recommend Lavender Lady. I tried growing an old french lilac I got at walmart last year, and it bloomed... then completely declined. It's flowers were tiny, whereas Lavender Lady had huge flowers of stronger fragrance. (The only thing I must say is that although LL had a stronger scent, the french one had a sweeter, more refined perfume). This year I planted a Blue Skies lilac.

As for peonies, I have had the best success with Sarah Bernhardt. However, I would recommend that you spend your money on a pack of peony poppy seeds instead. They may not be as large or have the fragrance, but let me tell you that they are lovely, have a longer bloom season (if planted while it's cool), and I really don't like the scent of my peonies. To me, it is like a combination of a rose and carnation at first, then I notice a disturbing under scent of medicine, and something unpleasant I don't know of. If you want a better perfume, I recommend a good old rose and/or carnation because at least you will enjoy a pure aroma.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Those lemon flowers must smell devine!
How wonderful it must be to grow tropical plants year after year outdoors.
And thank you.

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Oh I have just fallen in love with your garden!
Its breathtaking!
Thanks Jan

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