Century plant questions

heidiho(St. Martinville, La. Zn.8)November 21, 2009

Someone gave me several small century plants all in a 10" pot.

When can I plant these in the yard, and should I seperate each small plant or keep them all in a clump? Will they grow fast? Should I feed them? Not sure of the species but the leaves are light green and don't have spines on them.

Sorry I'm not much help but can't post a photo. Will try to find a forum that I can post the photo.

Thanks for your time and have a nice Sunday.

Image link:

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heidiho(St. Martinville, La. Zn.8)

This is not the original picture but I found one online that looks like it.

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All Agaves have a sharp terminal spine on each leaf. If your plant does not have them, it must be something else.
Assuming it really is an agave, there are only a couple with smooth leaf margins that look like the plant you linked:

Agave vilmoriniana

Agave attenuata


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It looks like Agave attenuata, which has a point on the end of the leaf, but it's not very sharp. They form nice clumps, and prefer morning sun/afternoon shade here. You can separate or let them form a clump. Too much sun and they sunburn, too much shade and they get elongated and droopy. They grow everywhere around here.

Above all, good drainage and no frost. Here they grow well on no irrigation (12" of winter rain only). Common name Foxtail Agave (foxtail-like bloom spike).

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heidiho(St. Martinville, La. Zn.8)

Yes it does look like the attenuata (foxtail).
I'll keep them in morning sun and afternoon shade.
Thanks so very much for ya'll help.
I really appreciate it. Now I can put them in the ground where they belong.
Have a nice week.

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