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ideasshare(z6)December 20, 2008

I have read Betty"s email---------

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Thank you for your response, the landscape ideas are very good.

The yard you have illustrated so wonderfully for is our backyard.

The yard that I am currently interested in for ideas is my daughter's house.

Please find a picture for her house and yard in the Gallery section of the landscape design forum.

I didn't know how to post on the discussion forum.

Thank you kindly,



I add some ideas:

Hi deviant,duluthinbloomz,woodyoak.

thank your some interest,i add other some ideas again.dont hope bother you.

Most chinese in china are poor,havnt house is small, only plant 5 trees,some shrub in our house.but chinese style garden have 5000 years history.

I enjoy study some garden ideas in,but there are some different in my feeling,I can control arbor grow in my experience by dirt thick rate,but some people didnt agree.

I love west multi-culture,hope go New York as student,study garden father have given me some money.last year,my IELTS grade is 5.5,January 20,2009,I will take an examination of TELTS.

you know what i do everyday,link here:

Here is a link that might be useful: share other some ideas again

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oh! Thats colorful.

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hope I can add ideas for some NewYorker.

Here is a link that might be useful: share other some ideas

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