Wildflowers at Arches...

joanmnDecember 13, 2005

NP, Utah.

Canon Digital Rebel

Here is a link that might be useful: More Utah pictrures

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

It's been a long while since I've been to Arches National Park. Thanks for the reminder with such a lovely photo!

Amazing pix at your link...think I'll bookmark to peruse a bit later on!

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Very Nice, Joan!

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katnip_ct(z6 CT)

Joan, took a look at your Utah pictures. They're beautiful. My husband and I took 2 weeks on our honeymoon out that way back in 96'. Hope to get back there again someday!

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thebadmonkey(z7 Ok)

very nice...

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Mary Palmer

Wow Joan,those Utah pics were fabulous! Talk about hardscaping!

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Thanks. Utah is one of the most gorgeous places on earth, I think!

    Bookmark   January 30, 2006 at 7:59AM
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mckenna(Z5 Chicago IL)

Great pictures. Utah is my favorite place without a doubt. I go backpacking there a minimum of once or twice a year. If you haven't tried Escalante NM definitely give it a shot.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2006 at 1:06PM
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kal2769(Zone 8)

I evny you. You captured so really spectacular shots of God's magnificent creation. It is always amazing to see the colors He paints on the earth. You have really had a treat in that trip, and you should be proud of your album.

    Bookmark   February 2, 2006 at 12:44AM
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bindersbee(6a UT)

That is a gorgeous shot! Thanks for reminding me of the beauty to be found here in my home state. Captiol Reef is a small park that's not to be missed if you get out this way. Much less crowded and still fabulous. If you get a chance to travel Highway 12 which goes from Torrey (right by Capitol Reef) to Bryce Canyon, you'll see some truly amazing sites. Including the 'Hog's Back' which is a narrow road with a 300 foot drop off on either side. Also, Calf Creek Falls which has striking blue water and red rock walls. There's even petroglyphs on the short, easy hike to the falls. You'll also want to stop at the BLM office in Escalante and get directions to Spooky Gulch- this is the site of many of those photos of the light penetrating the swiss cheese red rock. Lots of odd little canyons- but you have to know who to ask to get to these.

My senior year of Landscape Architecture school we did a project along highway 12- it's one of Utah's best kept secrets!

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I'm late (as usual) with comments here, but bindersbee reminded me of the vacation we took out there a couple of years ago. We started at north Zion NP, went to Bryce (this was a 3rd visit to both of those), and then headed up Highway 12 to Capitol Reef. We felt like we had the place practically to ourselves in mid-October. Hog's Back was breathtaking, and so was a lot of the scenery along the way there and back. We will definitely visit again and look for Spooky Gulch. Didn't know about that one.
Gorgeous photos, and thanks for the memories.

    Bookmark   March 29, 2006 at 3:30PM
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mckenna(Z5 Chicago IL)

Bindersbee, where is your landscape design? I have been along highway 12 enough that maybe I would remember something?

    Bookmark   March 31, 2006 at 10:47AM
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bindersbee(6a UT)

The project we did was actually back in 1994 (I am dating myself here!). We made recommendations to the BLM and locals on what types of facilities etc. would help as the area was starting to get a lot of tourism. Moab sort of got overun and they weren't prepared for the rapid increase in visitors. We were trying to help the area anticipate what might be coming and how to handle it in terms of facilities when it did.

As for Spooky Gulch- there won't be any signs. You have to inquire with the BLM. It's a 26 mile drive on a dirt road. Then, you have to hike along a ways following little piles of rocks for trail markers. It's mostly known to locals but worth the extra effort to find. It's unbelieveable. The light filters through the rocks at odd angles and creates striking illumination. Tom Till has a lot of well-known photographs here in Utah of that place.

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mckenna(Z5 Chicago IL)

Still not much in terms of facilities there. I kinda like it like that anyways. If you build it they will come, and I would rather they not. The new interagency office on the west side of town is nice. They were just opening it last time I stopped in. I think Escalante might be safe for a while, unless someone sneaks a road paving bill through for the Hole in the rock road. Dirt roads and hiking will hopefully scare away the hoards.


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PoorMeZone3(z3 MN)

Your photos are awesome! We were fortunate enough to visit Utah last June, although our time was limited. We managed to spend a day each and Bryce Canyon and Zion. We will be going back someday to visit the other parks.

    Bookmark   April 5, 2006 at 1:39PM
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It would be wonderful to see in October, I bet!

    Bookmark   April 5, 2006 at 2:59PM
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