A few things blooming

bethnorcal9December 13, 2005

I usually post over on the Rose Gallery, but there's not many roses blooming now, and I really got into some different plants this last season. There ARE things other than roses I guess!! LOL

These are blooming now:


CHRISTMAS CACTUS - my husband found in the trash last year

VARIEGATED GERANIUM - another recent purchase at WalMart! (still in a pot)

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msjoyceh(No. Calif. Coast)

The carnation is so pretty and dainty and your Christmas cactus is beautiful. My Christmas cactus had one bloom. How do get so many blooms?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

I love those picotee Carnations! Your Schlumbergera must love you with all those gorgeous blooms! I don't think I've seen a variegated Pelly like that one! Very nice--all!


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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Beth I just left the rose forum and commented on your beautiful stripped roses and here I find you with some more pretty stripes. LOL

My Christmas Cactus are blooming here too, but inside, away from the blizzard that is roaring through tonight.


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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

Nice pictures! Funny thing is, I have the same carnation! But mine came from Target, which really probably means that ours originally came from the same place! lol
And christmas cactus are the darndest things, aren't they? I bought one a year or so ago (in bloom at the time, of course) and lo and behold it would not bloom again. I got tired of looking at it 'naked' and got good and mad and put it outside, scolding it that it could be naughty for me outside then. And do you know what? Within weeks it was covered in buds! I was a bad momma to it, I suppose. Ever since, I just always keep it outside now (but I'm in zone 10a...) and it's quite happy now! Blooms yearround now. This original one I have is an apricot/peach color, and I love it so much (now, lol) that I've acquired fuschia, red, and even yellow now too! Thanks for sharing your photos!
Amanda 'romando'

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Sorry I didn't respond to you guys' postings sooner. We upgraded our DSL over a week ago and the new modem/router box was defective, and it took til yesterday to get the replacement. Ain't technology wonderful? LOL

Msjoyceh & Amanda, I'm not sure how the Xmas cactus got so loaded with blooms. Might be because it's like 3 plants in one pot. My husband found it in the garbage at either Long's Drugs or Safeway last yr (he's a commercial garbage truck driver). I never did get it repotted, and don't fertilize it. Just gets watered once in awhile. He also brought home a magenta one and I think a peachy colored one. The magenta one had a few blooms, but the peachy one didn't bloom this time. They were single plants. Hmmm.... makes ya wonder? Maybe they like being crowded?

Rosemarie & Valerie, that varigated geranium I found at WalMart this fall. I don't believe it had a name, altho it might. They had a lot of new really unusual varieties. I got one that's a deep fluorescent magenta, and another one that's vivid "violet." Valerie, I just love ANY plant that's striped, splotched or variegated. Not sure why. But I was thrilled when I saw this one.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Defective stuff DOES drive you nuts!

Anything variegated catches my eye...so now I wear BLINDERS where I am at risk to BUY somehting! LOL


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