Fragile Pepper plants - leaf drop?

shawnannJune 27, 2009

So my pepper plants were about the same last year. They are growing slow...slower than everything else in the garden. And they are kind of fragile and leaves fall off easily if touched. They are green, but not thick. They don't really look unhealthy except they are kind of spindly looking. The bells even have little blooms, though I don't think they could support a pepper. I have bells, seranos, habaneros. The temps here have been quite hot and humid the past week or more. We have had LOTS of rain here and there in this area. I started them from seeds indoors, but some of them look like they are barely past seedling size. What do ya think?

I'm not sure if there are any close ups of the peppers in my blog, but I know comments have been made about them being "started by seed outdoors" which I didn't, they just look small...

My Garden Blog

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I scrolled through your blog a bit, but didn't see the peppers you are talking.

While I understand everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days it would be nice if folks would just directly link to the part they want seen instead of the entire thing where folks are expected to wade through all of it just for a pic.

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Serrano Right Habanero left, planted at same time

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You mentioned you've had a lot of rain. My guess is that the soil has remained too wet.

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