Update on Walla Walla Onions

nickrosesnJune 20, 2014

I transplanted the onions around the beginning of April and they looked sick but everyone on the forums said not to worry and boy was everyone correct. They started to bulb some time in May and now some of the bigger ones have a circumference around 9.5"-10".

How long will they continue to grow?

April 10th:

May 8th:

June 20th:

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Beautiful! I normally leave mine in (except to eat some) until the tops begin to fall over and turn brown. That's when they're done growing. Since they're not a good storage onion (about one month) you might as well start eating soon -- and the tops look like they're tasty, too, if they're not too tough already.

So glad they worked for you!

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Out of the 30 or so onions, 8 have fallen over. Its been a week or so since they have fallen but the tops are still green. Does this mean the onions are still growing? Should I pick those 8 out and let them dry in the sun? I would like to water the other onions but don't want the 8 onions to get rotten.

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Yes, dry them in the sun, but walla wallas don't keep well, so I would start using them. The first of the season is in our stores now, from eastern Washington ) hotter and drier than the western part of the state ). As long as they are harvesting, we'll enjoy them. But once the season is over, we have to wait for next year, because of the storage problem.

Your look great but are making me hungry for potato salad with walla wallas... I'm off to the kitchen. :D

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I too thought my Candy onions were not looking perky enough in the earl going...now about 5 inches diameter.

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I'd say pick the fallen-over ones and start eating them.

They're very poor keepers, but wonderful fresh.

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and don't forget to plan on a batch of beer battered, deep fried onion rings while you have the chance.
So good you'll almost cry. :D

yeah, not on the health food list, but if once a year indulgences harm me, I've got bigger problems than that.

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You can start pulling them now, but I'd wait until the necks brown. If the leaves are green all the way down to the bulb, the bulbs are still growing. And they'll keep longer if the necks are fully brown and dried.

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When one half of the tops have fallen over, gently push the rest of them over. In a few days pull them and let dry in the sun. We have had good luck the past few years, keeping them in our spare refrigerator. Store them in a netted onion sack. Check them often, usually have them keep till mid Dec.

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