When to plant Fall Broccoli - Early Dividend Variety

staggart(z4 S.E. ID)June 21, 2008

I'm in Zone 4. Our Spring has been very erratic -- cold (we had snow a couple weeks ago) and, now, very hot (90s today).

Usually, my Spring broccoli does pretty well. This year -- it has been heavily stressed.

I want to try and make up the season by doing Fall broccoli this year. I've picked up some Early Dividend seeds.

And, I'm a bit confused. The packet says it matures in about 50 days. But, I see online some references that is from transplanting. Does anyone know if the days are from planting or transplanting?

If transplanting, when should I plant the seeds? My first frost date is about September 20th. . .

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Plant some broccoli seed now for the fall crop. Just disregard the days for the moment. You'll eventually be going into shorter, cooler days. For experiment, plant a few more seeds in 2-3 weeks and compare how they mature for you.

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minirose1(z6 AR)

It usually does mean from the transplanting date, especially on things that usually are planted as plants. Sounds like you need to get them planted now. If you count back from your first frost date, 50 days + six to eight weeks for the transplants to get ready, you're talking about now, for sure! We have a big problem with insects on our fall plantings, so we usually try to protect them with a row cover until the extreme heat subsides. Harvesting in the fall is a delight as they are so clean of insects and worms at that time. Good luck, hope it works good for you

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Yes, get the seeds started now. Yes, it will be hot for a while at transplanting time and for a while, but just water them well then.

In spring broccoli and cabbage there is no insect problems here, but oh boy, they are usually bad in the fall.

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staggart(z4 S.E. ID)

It is interesting how every area is different.

We get bugs in the Spring/Summer. By Fall, we are almost bug free.

But, because of our height (4500 ft), we have relatively few bugs anyway.

I'm going to start the transplants now.

I was inspecting my Spring broccoli today. First is ready to harvest. But, the up and down temperatures has made some grow large and others remain small. Usually they are all pretty vigorous. Hopefully the small ones will catch up.

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minirose1(z6 AR)

Yes, the difference is great among the zones. Our broccoli is finished (planted a variety that doesn't put out side shoots), but had about 70 plants, so lots of broccoli in the freezer and to friends.

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fanfortony(7 Frederick, MD)

Newbie here. Six to 8 weeks from seed to transplant!!! Are you serious? I've never started seeds before and am planning on doing brocc for fall garden. I have always done spring garden and sown directly in soil or bought transplants. Never grown broc before. When the seed pkt says seedlings in about 10-14 days, do I have to wait weeks to put them out? Help! I'm so confused.

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Yes fanfortony It takes 6-8 weeks for the plant to get to transplant size. 10-14 days is for the seedlings to emerge, after that they have to grow a bit, like 5-6 weeks, before thier final setting.

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fanfortony(7 Frederick, MD)

Thanks farmerdilla. Appreciate the info. (although my head is starting to spin from all this counting backwards! LOL)

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I guess areas are different. Broccoli comes up in 4 days for me and I set out at 24 days.

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Farmerdilla, do you have broccoli success in Georgia? If so, with which variety? When do you set out plants or seed?

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Here is a fall planting schedule that I like. It's easy to follow and eliminates all that counting.


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Happyhome, I grow a couple hundred plants each year. The spring crop, I start in a cold frame, the first of February for transplant in March. Fall crop is a little more difficult , I find a semi- shaded spot to start the seeds. Planted this morning. Heat make starting the plants difficult at times. Transplant late August, first of September. Best cultivars for me have been, Galleon, SuperDome, Everest. Although most of the short season cultivars have been acceptable. Worst have been Gypsy and Belstar. Early Dividend, Packman, Green Comet, Barbados, Coronado Crown have been good. Green Goliath, the best of the OP type.

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Do you happen to know, are the dates on that planting schedule the dates when you set the transplants out, or the dates to start the seeds? And what about plants like spinach, that are usually direct-seeded? Thank you.

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