freezing purple hull peas

cburksJune 30, 2007

Has anyone ever hear of freezing peas in a pillowcase?

I had a 84 year old lady tell me that she shells the peas does not wash them just put them in a pillowcase close and freeze then when she wants to cook soom get what she will cook and wash and cook. any advise on this.

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Never heard of that, I guess that it could work, if it is working for her. Personally, I would shell, rinse, blanch and put them in what ever size sip lock bags I wanted to use and chunk them into the freezer.
Bill P.

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I'd not take any chances & do as Bill P. suggest.

Years ago someone told me they froze them in the shell. Sick 'n tired of shelling them, I decided to give it a try with a few. UGH! My family wouldn't eat them.

Last week I saw shelled Purple Hulls at a stand where they sell a lot of fresh veggies and my jaw dropped when I heard them quote the price to someone...$45. for a gallon zip-lock bag!

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

I am sure you could do it that way but why would you...The proper way is to shell, wash, blanch, cool and sounds like a long drawn out process but it takes just minutes and you end up with a beautiful product...I wouldn't even want to risk losing my peas doing it that way....

Truth is...I love the preserving process...It gives me such satisfaction....the same feeling when I serve dinner and all the veggies on the plate came from my garden...

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