Are all Zucchini plants vines?

sunita_fleuristeJune 9, 2008

hello everyone..

Sorry for the completely newbie question.

I planted a few seeds of zucchini from a package that said the name was "Dark Green Zucchini". There was no other info on the package apart from when to plant it..

I was under the impression that these are all vines and will grow up a vertical trellis.

But I ve been reading some threads on here and see pics of zucchini plants that are taking over the entire bed!

Does anyone know if this one will climb up a trellis?? Plus do I have to pollinate it myself?



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I wouldn't consider any zucchini plant a vine. Zucchini plants are very compact and only get to be around 3 feet long, if that. Compared to a pumpkin or gourd which are easily 25 feet, 3 feet is nothing. You can tie them to a stake or trellis but they will not climb them on their own. What pictures are you talking about?

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nick123(z4b / sunset 44)

"Dark Green Zucchini" is a very compact vine that will grow 2-3 ft long with internodes of about 1 inch between the leaves.

Not all zucchini plants are compact bush types. However, it seems that most of the ones that the seed companies carry nowadays are. In fact, I remember as a teenager many decades ago, when most zucchini cultivars offered by seed companies were of the vine type. Seeds for the special bush types of squash always seemed to cost more.

Most of the heirloom zucchini squash will probably be vine types. A popular "modern" cultivar of vine-type zucchini is Black Forest. Its claim to fame is that is will actually climb a trellis without having to be trained by hand.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Forest

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hello again

Thanks very much for your answers! This is definately an heirloom variety...

So basically it will be a vine but would not climb by itself so I will have to tie it on the trellis?

Thanks for the info re black forest too!

I may try some next year.


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Sunita, you probably won't have to pollinate it yourself. Just watch the flowers, when they appear. If you see bees, of any sort, working them, then you won't have to pollinate.

Perhaps the most common squash question we see here is something like: "My zucchini are flowering but not setting fruit. What's the matter?" Most often this is just for a week or so before they really get going. But if you should need to hand pollinate, here's a link to some instructions.

Tahlequah, OK

PS. By the way, Dark Green Zucchini is a nice variety.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hand pollination of Squash

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Even the "bush" zucchinis may well grow 5 or 6 feet....IF they live long enough which they usually don't because of disease.

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Give hand-fertilisation a try, it's not hard and it definitely increased my production last year. Not sure why my plants had so much trouble setting fruit on their own, but hand-pollinated they did great.

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So, I saw the picture of "Black Forest" zucchini. So, for the record, are any zucchini vining? Or is the "bush" cultivar basically part of the definition of a zucchini. I can't see using something like a topsy turvy to hang any zucchini plants from that I've heard about. Are there exceptions?

Here is a link that might be useful: me

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