training cucumbers to climb

blaferbyJune 3, 2012

I have mesh attached to a fence for my cucumbers to climb. The problem is that, because the sun is shining at the fence most of the day, the cucumber plants are sending most of their growth away from the mesh toward the sun. However, they are sending out vines in all directions including some toward the mesh, though these are smaller than the ones going in the "wrong" direction. My question is, if I simply prune off the vines that are growing away from the mesh, will the others compensate with more vigorous growth and start climbing?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Cukes aren't natural climbers, so you will have to continuously train them, but you can prune the secondary growth if you want. But, you will still have to give the main vine some guidance for the most part.

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Yep - I weave mine in and out of the cattle panel that I grow them on. I hope the mesh you are using isnt to fine to weave them through. I dont prune cukes, as far as I know that just means less possible fruits.

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I have found once I get mine started and they are growing on the trellis they do the rest themselves. Can you redirect the ones growing towards the sun and weave them into the trellis?

Here is a link that might be useful: Adventures in Agriburbia

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I just start weaving mine in and out of the livestock fencing I use. After that they do it pretty much for themselves with a little help from me.

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Don't prune them. Tie them to your mesh with panty hose or direct them with chopsticks or thin bamboo poles. As others said they'll climb once at the trellis.

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