what's eating my broccoli (besides the cabbage worms)

mjrosaJune 20, 2008

there is an animal eating my broccoli, brussel sprouts & cauliflower. It will eat right out of the center of the plant sometimes, other times it eats half the plant, it is completely indiscriminate but only goes for these plants. it can't be a rabbit as the damage is too high for a rabbit to reach or is too far inside the plant for the rabbit to get to. the animal completely disregards the smell of blood meal. it eats the leaves even though they're covered in hot pepper wax. the animal is climbing over 8 foot high fence that has barbed wire on the top. my garden has turned into something like fort knox keeping the animal out. one day the animal even took a large patch of mulch out of the garden and i could see the trail of straw going up the fence and over it. any ideas who is doing this and how i can stop it? thank yoU!

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Deer maybe......a raccoon could climb the fence but the mulch thing doesn't should right. But I would think you'd see tracks if it was deer.


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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

I would buy a camera that deer hunters frequently use in the off season to take photos of them at night. They work by motion detection, and you just set it up, then go to bed. When a motion is detected, it will automatically take a photo of your culprit for you - with flash, and everything. That is the sure fire way to find out what it is.

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I know how to stop that critter! I have a large veggie garden that is critter free! how? My husband put up an electric fence around the whole garden. It is only about a foot high. There are three strands of wire. The bottom wire is an inch from the ground, the second one an inch from the bottom wire, and then an inch to the top wire. No animal can climb up or dig under without touching the wire. And once they hit it, that is the last time they will come near your garden. Now for deer. Yes, they can step over the wire, and that is where one of the Scarecrow Water Sprayer comes in. Buy one of those, and your garden will be deer and bird free. Now if I can only figure out how to electricute bugs.

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