can i trim back my zucchini

taz0330July 17, 2011

my zucchini plants are taking over my garden area can i trim back the leaves with out hurting the zucchini

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I usually do a bit of leaf trimming to keep my container zukes looking(somewhat)tidy.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I wouldn't trim them back, but be ticked they are still healthy.

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Whenever a leaf blocks sunlight from a tomato plant, you bet I trim it back. Doesn't seem to slow the plant down, unfortunately.

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I trim mine all the time because I have other things growing near by, like tomatoes and peppers. So when my beautifully monstrous zukes get a bit too big/grow in wrong direction, then yes, I snip, won't hurt 'em.

Just make sure you trim close to main stalk, make a clean cut too. Hope this helps!

- Angela

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thank you all

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This is good info my bush zucchini are also kind of taking over my cucumbers.

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A few days ago, my papillon chased the bantie chickens through the squash. Trampled the squash to smithereens. I ended up doing surgery on my gigantic costata romanesque zucchini. It actually looks better now, after cutting off about half the plant. It didn't wilt the past two days, despite 112 degree heat. I didn't water it and it still didn't wilt at all!

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