Wilting Cucumber Leaves

omega73July 9, 2012

My cucumber plants have really taken off and just the other day I cut one with a few more on the way. All of a sudden today I notice that more than a few leaves near the base of the plant are wilting and the other cucumbers haven't seemed to grow much. Any idea what may be happening, how can I save it? Did something get to the root?

Any help would be great, I will try to post pics tomorrow.


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need pictures. are there spots on top or on bottom?
are the leaves turning yellow and dying?
are they just wilting all of a sudden?
have there been a change in watering or fertilizing?
do the leaves have brown spots?
is the fruit look normal?

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A few dried up leaves at the bottom, could be powdery mildew like I've had the past two summers but not seeing any spots on leaves (maybe a couple on some of those bottom leaves) but everything else looks healthy. Everything looked fine Saturday when I cut the first fruit then the next day I notice the wilt.

The fruit I cut was fine, the few other fruit stopped growing and started curving.

You could see how the rest of the plant looks fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Pics attached.

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Sorry, If I'm missing some way to post multiple pics in one message.

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And the whole thing which looks healthy, I remember it starting from the bottom last year too any way to save it?

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Its looking very similar to what happened to some of mine last year, so I am hoping you get some responses to your question.

I have seen twice as many posts about cucumber problems that any thing else this year! My first year growing cukes I was over-run by them!. Last year (second year) I lost half the vines to borers and the other half to some sort of disease. This year I lost the first ones to borers, but had a second group of seedlings waiting in the wings. They are doing fine so far.

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Bacterial wilt, transmitted by cucumber beetles. You gotta use resistant varieties, it's your only hope in bad years.

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Ahhh man are you serious?
Any way to save them or is too late?
They were doing so well too.

This is why I put a few hybrid varieties a few feet away.


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First pic in particular looks like bacterial wilt. If so, best thing is to pull the vine, or at least cut out that branch of it. The beetles pick up the germ from infected plants, then spread it around.

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yes, looks like cucumber wilt. You probably won't save the plant as the bacterial clog the xylem that transports water. You can delay by cutting the affected parts, but the bacteria is still there and the beetles are sucking on infected juice. Plant resistant varieties that aren't bitter such as Diva or the Asian cukes...beetles are attracted to bitter (they will infect your zukes and squash as well). You can also put a systemic herbicide at the time of plantings to kill the beetle larvae as they over winter in soil where veggies were last year.

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my best guess is that it is a beet psuedo yellow viruse. if you look at the picture at the bottom of the plant you will see a leaf that looks like it has the appearance of a nutrient defiency.

if it is cucumber wilt. you can cut the dead vine, touch it with your finger and see if you get a sticky substance when you pull away. if you do then it is a wilt. also you can take the vine and cut it length wise to see if there is any brown or yellow discoloration. streaking is a sign of fusarium wilt. it is a good idea to grow wilt resistant cucumbers.

i find planting radishes near my cucumber helps my cucumbers from getting deseases. i just let the radishes go to seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: does this look like your plant

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In my experience, Diva is susceptible to b wilt.

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I lost three cucumber vines. Just the whole vine went dead. I examined every part of the dead plant, There is some thing damaging the lower part of the stem just above the roots. Some said it is a cucumber beatle larval. I did not see any beatles ut it could be eggs from last year. When a fourth vine started the process I rapped the partially damage stem and buried into the soil and watered. Also I sprayed triazicide and lots at the roots. So far I crossing my fingers.

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So I pulled 2 of the 3 vines but I'm pretty sure the last one is going to eventually start dying away. It doesn't look like the vine has grown much the last few days and I see the cuke beetles buzzing around so I guess it's just a matter of time. Fortunately I got some Marketmores going a few feet away. What can one do to get rid of these beetles for next year besides planting disease resistant varieties or standing on beetle guard 24/7? I wish I had posted last year when I had the same problem, I just figured last year was due to all the rain.

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I applied nematodes to the soil. Don't know if that's the reason, but I'm seeing a lot fewer beetles this year. So far.

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When you set out seedlings or plant your seeds water with something like Admire, if you don't mind the use of chemicals. It will kill the larvae before they emerge and start the disease cycle. You must do this immediately and every 10 days until the plants start producing, then stop (10 days before harvest). The beetles you have now are going to be laying eggs all summer and come back with a bang next year (that is if you don't have a super cold winter). Plant less bitter cukes (there are no zukes that are resistant I know of). And be aware resistant doesn't mean they can't get wilt, just less likely. And yes, some years my Diva is taken down by wilt, but it is usually because I was not vigilant with watering. Be aware, that too much insecticide can leave the door open to spidermite infestation...

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