Something eating my pepper plants

laura1983July 8, 2010

It is my first time growing anything, and while my other plants are doing fine, it seems as if something is eating my pepper plants. I already dissected a pepper that had five or six holes similar to the one shown in the picture and nothing was inside. I also cut this one open to show nothing inside. It is also seems as if the leaves are being eaten. Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pepper

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There's your pic in a way everyone can see, Laura! Next time, you can copy and paste the "HTML for websites" link from Tinypic, and put it in the message box.

As for what's eating your peppers, goodness, I dunno. Was there anything inside when you cut that one open?

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Do you have those sow bugs around? They like to eat pepper plants. I used to think they were harmless then I found they were eating my plants one year. They make a powder you can sprinkle around that the bugs love and is fatal to them. Look for sow bug dust at any local store. If they are around try that.
Slugs also do that. Do you have the glossy slug trails on the sidewalks? Take a small bowl of beer and put it out at night. They love beer and drown in it.
Last choice would be caterpillar worms. They are the same green as the plant. You would have to get up at sunrise and check the backs of the leaves to find those. Pick and squish.

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I haven't noticed any sow bugs, but I'll watch for them. Perhaps I'll try putting out some beer tonight and see if any slugs appear. Thanks for the suggestions!
(And sorry about the super huge picture - I'm new to this!)

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Well? What did you find out? Any slugs in the beer? Early morning worms?

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If it was just one hole per pepper I'd say tomato fruitworm (aka corn earworm). They do go for peppers, just not with as much enthusiasm as tomatoes, but six holes per fruit is unusual. They will also do some damage to leaves, but prefer the fruit.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Slugs and sow bugs don't eat holes in fruit. Try dusting with BT.

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