Cucumber wilting/white spots and zucchini/squash

ribbit32004July 23, 2008

Good morning!! Please take a look at these pictures and let me know what you think. Half of my cucumber plant is dying. Both pictures below were taken in the early morning. The first was a week ago and the other this morning. The bottom half is just wilting away and the joints where the flowers grow from are turning white. My trellis did fall three times in the wind yesterday and today and I had to add more stakes to hold it up, so I may have punctured some roots or, more likely, it's over watered. We live in GA, so the humitdity has been intense.

I was also able to hand polinate a zuccini last week, but it's stopped growing and no other female flowers will open while this one is on there. Odd, they just shrivel up and die before they open.

I suppose I'll harvest it now, but my squash isn't growing at all. You can't get in there to hand polinate as there are 6-7 bees in there at any given time, so I thought they did their job and didn't worry. You can even see the mean bee at the bottom of the picture. This squash was open two days ago, but doesn't seem to be growing, so I suppose it wasn't polinated correctly, right?

Any help/suggestions you could offer would be magificent.


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I don't know about the other problems, but how are the temps there? I find when temps are low that my squash just hang out and don't get any bigger. then we get a hot spell and I can't keep up with the zucchini. Maybe you are having a cold time and just not used to seeing this in GA?

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No, I wish!!! Temps are in the mid to upper 90's daily, going to 70's or so at night. The humidity is a killer. The vines droop to almost nothing.

Actually, one of the vines that had the vine shoots rotting off simply fell off the trellis today. I lost all patience and cut that sucker off. We had a light misting rain tonight and the other vines look a bit better. I may give them a few days before writing them off alltogether.

However, I'm still curious as to what would make the vining part of the plant just turn brown and wither and not the stem itself. There are no bugs or pests present, but I have noticed a certain carpenter bee that has claimed the plant as his own.

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Are you watering daily. I have cucs in pots and find them wilting if I miss a day of water. Your in a much warmer climate so I'm guessing yours would require plenty of watering. May not be the problem your experiencing but just letting you know what I've seen with my cucs.

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Yes, I do water them daily as I figured they were in pots and stressing out a bit in the heat. They go into shade around 3:30 PM, but like I said, the humidity is still so intense that the air is thick. I thought I was over watering as based on a previous thread.

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