Dark spots on squash and zucchini fruits (leaves mostly ok)

icebirdJuly 21, 2012


Some of my zucchinis and squashes fruits don't look so good. They're spotty.

Pictures here.

Not all plants are affected. As you can see, the squashes' foliage looks alright. The zucchinis leaves do appear a liiittle bit burned. I don't know whether this is related.

You can also see that the zucchinis are getting preyed on by rodents (or so I think), but that's a whole other problem.

Do you have any idea of what it is or what I should do?

PS: I'm hoping the rodents will get sick from the infected zucchini!

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Sadly the rodents won't get sick because your zucchini aren't infected with anything. The dark spots are just scars or places where something munched on your fruit, like maybe cucumber beetles (though the large bites are definitely a rodent). If the fruit doesn't rot off those spots will form a scar and the fruit will still be edible. As far as doing something you need to find the pest on your plant to research how to deal with it. It is likely either cucumber beetles or squash bugs.

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Okay, thanks! I went looking yesterday night but didn't see anything. As long as it's no sign of an upcoming disaster though, I'm fine with the small bites!

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