HAVE: have: persimmon - want: bald cypress

hitmeupSeptember 29, 2013

Hi, I've got a 'wild'-type persimmon tree in my yard that is fixing to drop its fruit (fruit is about golf ball-size, maybe slightly under) and I would very much like to trade the persimmon seeds for fresh bald cypress seeds. I've got a soggy patch in my back yard that can't even really be mowed that I think would be neat to plant a cypress tree in since they are swamp trees anyways.

I'll send a bunch of persimmon seeds and I would like a fair amount of bald cypress seeds in return as I'm no expert on germinating seeds like this so I might need a few extras to make it work! Also I would like the cypress seeds to be fresh so that they have the best chance of germinating since again I'm no expert on this type of thing. Thanks a bunch!

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leila hamaya(8 nor cal)

do you only want cypress tree seeds?

if so thats fine, of course.
but i have some other tree, shrub and other perennial seeds for trade, and would like some persimmon. it wouldnt have to be a lot of seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade list

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