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DocSkyJuly 21, 2012

I just wanted to share some things that I observed this week and see if anyone else has had them happen. The first was some rapid pepper growth. I tend to my plants usually twice or more times a day and I have had some issues with peppers not producing anything. It was time for another application of nutes and I went with a dose of an off brand miracle grow clone. The brand I picked up has more micro nutes then MG.

I went out the next day and one of the pepper plants, a large yellow variety, suddenly had three peppers on it overnight. They were still flowers the day before. What was really odd was one of them is almost three inches in size! The other two are about an inch. Has anyone seen that rapid of growth with fruits?

The other thing was some pepper seeds that I was playing around with. I placed them in water on a heating pad to germinate. Yesterday was their third day in water and nothing was happening. I have done this method before and it usually takes about a week to get them to pop. The heating pad I am using only stays on for two hours at a time and really doesn�t heat the water much when on. I really didn�t care what happened to these seeds and was just testing some things out so I wrapped the container completely with the heating pad and turned on the highest setting for about an hour. When I came back, the water temp was well over 110. Oops! BUT, about 15 out of the twenty seeds germinated in that hour of heating! Most of them already have a �" root from that hour of overheating. I�ll move them to another media later today and hope they grow after getting near boiled..

Any thoughts?

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IAmSupernova(SE Texas 9A)

This is just my first year gardening so I don't really know much, but 3 inches seems like a lot, are you absolutely positive you didn't just somehow miss it?

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It's possible but it is only a twelve inch tall plant and not very dense. I could see the pepper as soon as I walked over to it to water it. I guess it could have been less than an inch but it's now a good size pepper that stands out right in front. Every plant I have outside changed overnight after the splash of nutes. I had other peppers that were good size and solid green for almost a month but after the nutes they turned half red overnight. I have been loading up on nitrogen but this was the first good application of a balanced feed.

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I'd love to believe that peppers can grow that fast! But I am sure you missed all three of them, that or someone switched plants on you.

By all means share what brand of fertilizer you used and other people will see if they can produce your results.

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oh goodie what did you use! lol I could use some of that.

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Okay I feel the pointing and laughing. I can't find much on it but its the cheap Expert Gardener 15-30-15. I compared it to MG but it had more micro nutes. I could have overlooked the largest pepper when it was small but it is noticeably larger again today. I'm not claiming anything special, I just wanted to see if anyone has seen them grow that quickly.

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mrswaz(Z5A NE WI)

Absolutely. I planted my hot peppers mid-May and for weeks they didn't do anything. Then it got really hot overnight, and the peppers began thriving overnight. Where I had no blossoms the day before, I now had a plant full of baby peppers. It's incredible how well pepper plants will do in their ideal conditions.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Good thing you caught the seeds right when they germinated, otherwise you would have just had boiled sprouts. Yes, I have found that seeds will germinate very quickly under the ideal condions. I can get tomato plants from seed to plant in 3 days with the perfect soil and temperature and moisture.

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