Have: coneflower, reddish orange

kidsandcats(7)September 11, 2011

I have some fresh coneflower seeds, plus some other flower seeds, such as amaranth, some gulf coast penstemon, and various hollyhocks. I'm looking for veggies, butterfly and pollinator-attractors, and marigolds in any color. Thanks for looking!


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Hi, Deborah. Wow. From looking at your 2 posts and your exchange lists you have a lot of the things I'm looking for!

I am interested in your Reddish Orange Coneflowers, Hollyhocks, Adenium Pinks, Barlow Columbines, Hardy Hibiscis and possibly your milkweed from a previous post.

Are your coneflowers hybrids? What kind of hollyhocks and milkweed do you have?

I have :
*Hale's Best Cantaloupe
*Hokkaido Black Watermelon (open pollinated)

*Aristolochia fimbriata pipevine (pipevine swallowtail host plant)
*Branching sunflowers (Checkerspot host plants).
*Red Shades Flower burst, Yarrow (Painted Lady host plant).

Take a look at my trade list and LMK if you'd like to trade.


Here is a link that might be useful: nel's trade list

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Hi,check my list for a possible trade.I'm interested in the reddish orange coneflowers and your blue picotee morning glories.Debbie

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HI! I've got a few different things. I'll send you an email =)


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Would like to trade for your coneflower and h/h - could I send you my list? Doreen.

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