Stunted growth Artichokes

lindalu2222July 14, 2012

Good morning, new gardener here. Moved from the city to the country two years ago and have found a new passion!

So here is my question, my artichokes have stopped growing and I don't know why. I started them from seed first week of March in my basement with a grow light. As soon as it was warm enough I started bringing them outdoors during the day. End of May they were ten inches tall and I planted them outdoors. I used my rototiller to dig the holes and added a generous portion of compost and peat well mixed in. I keep them well watered and fertilize every two weeks. They have grown only a couple more inches since being planted. So not looking good! They aren't wilted or dieing they just aren't growing. What should I do?



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What variety is it?

If they weren't exposed to chilling temperatures sufficiently in spring, it's possible they are confused and will not produce this year. The varieties for home production should be chilled in spring by exposure to temps. below 50 degrees for 10 days or so, to trick them into thinking they've gone through a winter.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Plus any sign of pests or eggs of pests? Various pests can also cause stunting.


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I don't remember the variety but I did chill them at 50 degrees for two weeks in March so I got that part done, wondering of its just too hot. There are no signs of bugs in this garden, have them in another garden 30 yards away. Had a bad case if cabbage worm but conquered that. Thanks for your feedback.

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