Have Cosmo White Dancing Dolls/Daydream: Trades only :)

crackingtheconcrete(7a)September 7, 2011

I have 2-3 sets of approximately 15 just-harvested seeds off one of my Cosmos "Dancing Dolls" mix.

The seeds were from a plant that was white with a magenta picoted edge and some blooms had magenta stripe -like markings also on the petals. There are a few seeds of Cosmos "Daydream" mixed in.

Most of my flowers on this same plant were sterile, so it's interesting that these blooms produced seed. Not sure what they'll produce. :)

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I'd love to have your Cosmos - we love them all....for Japanese Morning Glory- have few kinds, mostly blue, latest one that showed up the other day -Mt Fuji -purplish blue.
See my list for what else we can trade, hope we can trade,
let me know.

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Have enough "Daydream left for another trade or two :)

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shonoo(6B, PA)

I dont have any special flower seeds to trade - some red salvias, purple columbine , Thai basil, spicy long peppers.
Please let me know if you would like any of these in exchange for for the cosmos .

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Would like your cosmos - could I send you my list? Doreen.

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Closed :)

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