ID for plant and a bug

springtogarden(6)July 19, 2014

I inherited a very large, broad, green leafy plant from a rented plot. I have no idea what it is. My camera isn't great so I will try to get better pics.

I also have a bug that I am not familiar with. It looks like a harlequin bug but is tan with a black V on its back. It looks like the harlequin bug here but different color:
Looks like it might have wings and it has antennas.
It is really interested in my radishes but can't tell if it is doing damage. I have a picture to show the color but it is a terrible photo and you can only see the color. I think it is a bad bug.

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Picture of the bug for color but not much else. Sorry for low quality pic!

Update: I live in the Pacific Northwest and read the harlequin bugs aren't common north of the Rockies so now I am second guessing myself. Could it be a tan/light brown squash bug? Do squash bugs hang around radishes? Except for one, I found them all on radish tops.

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Another pic of mystery plant

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Horseradish is the plant. The bug looks like some sort of plant bug (meaning a certain family of bugs, includes stinkbugs, harlequin bugs, squash bugs, leaffooted bug, assassin bugs). That single bug is notnlikely doing any noticable damage, I would worry if you found lots of them in one place.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

If you want an ID of the insect, we will need a better picture. Scoop one up in a container and freeze it for a couple of hours. That might not kill it but it will slow it down long enough for you to take some useful pictures.

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Is that what that is? My word I would have never guessed a horseradish plant! I've never grown one before and I was way off on what family it belonged to lol. I did find about 5 bugs. 2 on each side of my plot and one towards the end ( I have one big plot at a community garden). I have a lot of lady bugs and I have seen webs so I have spiders plus I have seen a beetle that eats bugs and two Daddy Long Leg spiders so maybe they will balance them out?! If not, I can hand pick them off into a soapy water. I just didn't want to kill them in case they were beneficial. Thanks so much for your help :)!

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rhizo_1, I will be back to the plot on Monday and will borrow someone's camera. Mine is the worst for small things. Zooming makes it blurry but far away looks like a brown dot so I will post some pics then. Thanks for looking :)!

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