Marina de Chioggia on a trellis?

erin_nc(7)July 13, 2014

Has anyone grown Marina de Chioggia squash on a trellis? If so, did you need special support for each squash as it grew or is it like Bird House Gourd- strong enough to hold its own fruit?


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Winter squash have pretty strong stems and that one averages about 10 lbs. Vine will probably hold it if the trellis will.

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I've got some butternut growing up the fence. Not planning to disturb it...

Winter Squash have tendrils so they like to climb...but this is a pumpkin that appears to get quite large. See the comments at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marina Di Chioggia Pumpkin

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Thanks for the feedback and link! I have 4 or 5 growing now. The vines are well beyond 20' and are taking over the county. The borers took out several other summer varieties but seems to not have made a dent in the Marinas.

My arbor is 16' high x 16' square at the top. No worries about being strong enough. 6x6 posts holing 2x8 joists. All connected with 2x2's. I've been growing gourds and luffa, but would rather use the space for something with nutritional value.

Besides, a person can only use and give away so much gourd and luffa. is my friend.

I am so impressed with these Marina plants. No mold or borer damage. We'll see what happens when the squash bugs arrive. Either way I will definitely grow these next year on my arbor.

Thanks again!


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