Corn stalks only needed?

xxnonamexxJuly 20, 2012

We have been running a Halloween event in the fall using a corn field maze the past 3 years. Year 1 we used Indian corn with success besides chipmunks eating kernels and deer trampling the plants it was a success. We transplanted stalks and they made it for the season. Last year we tried a hybrid corn but chipmunks over took it. This year we have kernels from a local farmer. We just need the stalks as opposed to the fruit we have 1/3 knee to waist high. 2/3s knee high and 1/3 we transplanted from pods 2k of them into the ground that are above ankle. Any assistance to help in making sure these stalks keep growing until October? We noticed some are turning a bit yellow which we will be fertilizing and Miracle growing. Any other assistance greatly appreciated.

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It's corn. Fertilize and water as much as possible. That's really all there is to it.

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You could try broom corn in the future.

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I was surprised when I first saw this, but there is actually a type of corn called 'Maze Corn' from Rupp Seed. And that is not maize like what the native Americans called it. Instead it is corn bred for making mazes, it grows tiny soft ears for those pesky kids that like to pick the ears and throw them at each other. It's a great way to reduce your liabilities in a corn maze.

It is on page 60 of this catalog

And this is the description "Used for corn mazes, ears do not produce kernels without cross pollination from another cultivar. Reduces injury if ear is thrown."

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Thanks a lot I guess water and fertilizer will do it for this year. What about adding lime to the fertilizer? Also we planted them in rows we have some that clumped like 10 stalks too close to each other. We are afraid to break them apart in fear of killing the stalks so we are going to just let them grow. Weeds have been rampant, besides pulling the weeds out any advice on what to use to kill the weeds and protect the stalks? thanks

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this is from the first week of July I will take an updated one this weekend. The stalks and triple the size but weeds are abundant.

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I hope this photo attaches from July 4th now weeds are abundant and stalks about triple the size I have to update the photos.

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In the future use field corn designed for silage.
RH Shumway's is one place you can get it in larger but not have to get huge farm field quantities.

There are other places you can also get it but it is designed to be tall and most often is a long term corn i.e. is does not ripen for at least 120 days past planting.
Some types have ears that are high enough kids and short adults will not be able to reach them.

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Thanks We will look into that for next year. Now we need to worry about getting this years crop ready.

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